Frustrated with your website company?

Frustrated with your website companyIts strange isn't it, how people always go and get their website developed as cheap as possible and then end up having to go with the designer they should have chosen in the first place.

All ready this year I have had two clients move their 8 websites over to me from other developers that just have not delivered what they said they would. Both clients have found that once the site was built and up and running communication just broke down and when the client requested changes , updates or just wanted an answer to something the other end was silent. Being frustrated by having a web company that is only interested in you when there is money involved is obviously not ideal.

Now the clients have come across to me, I am more than happy to be there for them answer their questions, and not request stupid money to make changes or updates outside of the normal support I offer.

If you are feeling as though you are constantly banging your head against a brick wall, then why not make the move and let me manage and support your website for you.