Content Managed Websites

Content managed websitesI can provide all my client the full content management solution from Joomla the open source software platform that is use by millions of business throughout the world, such as Burger King, Porshe, CitiBank to name a few. 2.5% of all websites on the internet are now using Joomla with over 30 million sites online.

I have been using Joomla since it early release in September 2005, and have developed over 2000 website for a wide range of business and individuals.

Using a content management system for your website these days is the only sensible solution. The world changes so fast these days that your business and website has to keep otherwise you get left behind and could inevitably start loosing sales rather quickly.

All websites that i produce are responsive which mean that they adapt them selves to which ever devise the user is viewing your site on, whether it be a mobile phone, table, ipad or pc, your website will function just the same.

I have produced a verity of videos for you to watch so you can get an idea of how simple it is to create new pages, add images, videos, create new menu items and links to documents etc.

To take advantage of this great cms system please call us on 01253 206123.