Marketing & SEO

seoHaving a great website is wonderful and we all like a good looking website with easy navigation right! Well how about the chap next door, he has never heard of your business, and has no idea that you sell suitcases. So how is he going to find your website?

GOOD SEO search engine optimisation is the answer. If I have designed and developed your website, you can be sure that your web pages are ready to be received by the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo, and they will probably do well as they are. But keeping you above the rest and your website fresh will depend on you and your budget.

SEO Pay per Click

Another option is to use Google adwords, and pay Google for your website to appear on the first page for the cost of a click, whether this be 5 pence of £5.00 a click can convert into a sale within minutes.

If you are unfamiliar with Pay Per click and would like some advice or would like us to manage this for you with a weekly budget then please feel free to contact me on 01253 206123

Monthly SEO Marketing Plan £215

With over 2000 website built optimized and ranking amongst the big boys, I know what to do when it come to SEO and marketing your website. I have created a monthly package that I can guarantee will increase your visitors and rankings month on month.

Every month I will carry out a full check and implement the following marketing strategies on your website

  • Analysis of your website
  • Detailed report
  • Meta tag support
  • keyword support
  • Image alt/title tag support
  • Link checker
  • Google sitemap support
  • Yahoo sitemap support
  • Google maps
  • Directory submission
  • Social networking
  • Twitter Post and support
  • Video Support
  • Micro Website
  • Domain name